North Waziristan: Punjabi Taliban Leader, Five Others Killed by Drone Attack

25 02 2010

Qari Zafar, from Karachi, headed the Badar Mansoor organisation whose members are mostly militants from Punjab.


Obama Announces $54.5b Nuclear Power Program, Old Hippies Really Pissed Off

16 02 2010

“Telling states to build new nuclear plants to combat global warming is like telling a patient to smoke to lose weight.” ~ Jennifer Nordstrom, co-ordinator of the Carbon-Free Nuclear-Free project

Bill Gates: Here, Now, Mosquito Death Ray to Help Reduce Disease

13 02 2010

“This system can toast millions of mosquitoes in a few minutes.” ~ Dr. Jordin Kare

USA: Airborne Anti Ballistic Missile Laser Weapon Makes History

12 02 2010

“This experiment marks the first time a laser weapon has engaged and destroyed an in-flight ballistic missile, and the first time that any system has accomplished it in the missile’s boost phase of flight.” ~ Boeing

Study: Surfing Web Linked to Depression

4 02 2010

“Internet: absolute communication, absolute isolation.” ~ Paul Carvel