Columbian Woman Latest Case of Extremely Rare Lazarus Syndrome

17 02 2010

“The instruments the patient was connected to gave no blood pressure or heart rate readings…” ~ Dr. Miguel Angel Saavedra, M.D.


Bill Gates: Here, Now, Mosquito Death Ray to Help Reduce Disease

13 02 2010

“This system can toast millions of mosquitoes in a few minutes.” ~ Dr. Jordin Kare

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Ten years, Ten Billion Dollars for Vaccines

31 01 2010

“We started our foundation because we believe we have a real opportunity to help advance equity around the world; to help make sure that no matter where a person is born, he or she has the chance to live a healthy, productive life.” ~ Melinda Gates

Roe v. Wade Anniversary Celebrated, Protested

24 01 2010

“Abortion raises moral and spiritual questions over which honorable persons can disagree sincerely and profoundly.” ~ Andrew Blackmun

Michelle Obama Announces War on Childhood Obesity

21 01 2010

“Having children makes you no more a parent than having a piano makes you a pianist.” ~ Michael Levine

World Health Organization: Pandemic Viruses have Replaced Seasonal Flu

19 01 2010

“Our lives are like a candle in the wind.” ~ Carl Sandberg

Limbaugh: “Nothing Wrong with Health Care”

2 01 2010

“Enfin je me rappelai le pis-aller d’une grande princesse à qui l’on disait que les paysans n’avaient pas de pain, et qui répondit : Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.” ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau