Afghanistan: Women Still Suffering, Current Fundamentalists No Different

27 01 2010

“…the current government led by President Hamid Karzai has no support in most areas of Afghanistan, and fundamentalists are enforcing anti-women laws just as they were under the Taliban.” ~ The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan




2 responses

1 02 2010

One can only hope that women in Afghanistan will, with the lobbying of the RAWA be afforded the basic human rights, to which they are entitled, sooner , rather than later.
The oppression of women from fundamentalist countries continues, even when they emigrated to Western society too. Often they are isolated,lacking language skills and are totally reliant on their partner, who keeps them in the home and restricts their friends.I have seen it too often.
Great site with some poignant articles!

1 02 2010

Thank you for your comments. I am male, but I believe many of the world’s problems could be solved by putting women in charge. Unfortunately, we humans have a long way to go before justice is for all. I just hope we gain some much needed maturity soon…

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